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Fun things to do when in London in Summer

Free entertainment London has the largest entertainment playground during summer. There are many outdoor live entertainment and screens all over the streets and even beyond the city. These festive events are booked prior the[...]
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Top 10 restaurants in Lisbon you should always visit

"Top 10 restaurants in Lisbon you should always visit: Capital of Portugal and well known city due to its custard tarts and sea food is now changed into a gourmet food hall. Well every tourist to a country needs some information about good[...]
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Top 20 Restaurants in Prague

Are you planning on making a trip to Prague and want some tips on where you should eat? Then you came to the right place. There are so many different restaurants in Prague. And in this blog post you can find our top 20 restaurant in Prague where[...]
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City Spotlight: Milano

Milan has more to offer than just the fashion week where world brands like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana will be shown. Good food and nice buildings are enough to find in Milan! Below we have some things you definitely need to see during your[...]
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Seven tips to travel more sustainable

These days lots of people are trying their best to be the most sustainable as they can in their homes and during their day, but how sustainable is everyone when they travel? And how can you make sure you are helping the world out while[...]
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