Bonjour! Are you going to go to romantic, cultural and fashionable Paris? You are going to be amazed there! Before you go, it might be useful to go through a few things so that you know what to expect. Besides being the most important city in France, it is also one of the largest cities in Europe. Today, the city counts 2.2 million inhabitants. The Parisian people are known for being a bit arrogant and always in a hurry. But of course there are also a lot of nice people. Time for you to meet Paris!

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DO'S - A lot of tips for you!

  • Do learn some basic French sentences, then you will not pay the big 'tourist' price
  • Do save money with the Paris Pass
  • Do choose a centrally situated hotel or hostel, a lot of people choose an accommodation outside the city to save money. But everyday travelling from the outside to the inside of the city is very expensive and you are wasting your time 
  • Do go by metro, it is safe, clean and one of the most convenient and economical ways to get around
  • Do go out of the city, keep in mind that the most beautiful and hidden places are placed within an hour from Paris
  • Do walk through the city at night, and see why Paris is called the city of light
  • Do fly to the right airport, budget airlines have made agreements with smaller airports to cut down all the costs. Orly and Charles de Gaulles are the best connected airports.



DONT'S - Avoid this!

  • Don't spend €8 for a coffee on a famous terrace 
  • Don't use the metro during peak hours, it can get very crowded 
  • Don't stand on the left side on the elevators, or you might get pushed by a Parisian in a hurry
  • Don't go check the mona lisa, it is so tiny and there are so many people that you might not even see it
  • Don't walk slow, Parisian people are always in a rush so you need to adapt
  • Don't smile too much, Parisian people will think you are weird ;) 
  • Don't pay for breakfast at the hotel, you will get the same but fresh at a bakery for €3/€4
  • Don't bring a selfiestick with you, no one will like you and many museums look down on them
  • Don't think that everything in Paris is expensive, there are plenty of ways to have fun in Paris with a lower budget
  • Don't overtip in Paris, when dining in a restaurant, tax and tip is already included in the menu price and will be shown on your bill. This service charge is usually 10%-15%
  • Don't think the Eiffel Tower has the only nice view of the city, there are a lot of amazing rooftops!
  • Don't try to speak louder than everyone else, especially at night
  • Don't expect things to be open on Sundays 
  • Don't ever show up to someone's house or party empty-handed
  • Don't complain about how long it takes to receive your order in restaurants
  • Don't wear a beret in Paris, this is totally cliché!