Free entertainment

London has the largest entertainment playground during summer. There are many outdoor live entertainment and screens all over the streets and even beyond the city. These festive events are booked prior the scheduled day and most of these events are charged. The City Hall offers various summer entertainment programs like the opera, alfresco, dance, films screening, music and the fit classes for free.

city viewpoints

Primrose Hill and the Parliament Hill in the north of London provide the best aerial viewpoint for the capital, although it has a lot of tourists. To the south of London the One Tree Hill which is located on the eastern part of Greenwich Park will give you a clear view point of the city. It will give you a wider view of the park, deer pens which are located in the south, the Ecology Park and Stave Hill located on Dock Hill Avenue in Rotherhithe, the SE16 which is located in the former dock rubble. It provide wonderful views of the city and the Canary Wharf

Olympic Park

This is one of the largest parks in Europe created 150 years ago. It has been transformed recently from the Olympic Park to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Some points like the area around the stadium and aquatics centre has redevelopment going on while northern parklands are expected to open in July. Within this park you will see the Copper Box which handball and other Olympic Games were played. It is now a favorite place to host events and café.

The Hampstead Heath pergola

The area in the West Heath has the London's fascinating discoveries. The Hill Garden and the Italian Pergola has beautiful terraces, gardens, walkways and serene views of the Harrow on the Hill. In the further west there is the Golders Hill Park that has a small zoo with deer and wallabies.


London people have a great interest for the table tennis. The ping-pong game was patented 110 years ago. It is located in Holborn which is now occupied by the bat-and-ball-themed bar known as the Bounce. The game’s old name of whiff-whaff was restarted by the London mayor, Boris Johnson. When Barack Obama visited France, David Cameron challenged him to a game. There are many other free outdoor table tennis around the London city. The central ones are located at Regent's Park and Cavendish Square.

Rose garden

The rose gardens are among the beautiful sections of the London city. The most beautiful one is the Queen Mary's Gardens located at the Inner Circle. It has beautiful colored flowers and leaves and they are scanty during summer. The number of rose bushes in this rose garden is estimated to be about 12,000. It has different varieties like the Ice Cream; vie for your attention and the Pensioners Voice. It is located near to Sculpture Park which is home to wildlife like the bolshy squirrels and the black swans. It is also located near a beautiful lake.

There are also other summer tourist attractions like the abandoned rail route, the Roman walls, and magnificent seven cemeteries, city farms and other wildlife. Just have a visit to Rome and your loved ones will have great fun things to do in London in summer.

There are various accommodations around the city that can accommodate your loved ones and friends. There are luxury apartments for those who can afford and also the London's universities residence halls where the room rates are very low during the summer students’ vacation period. This is from June to September. Examples of these are London metropolitan university, London School of Economics, University College London, King’s college London among others. The luxury ones are the Nutfort house, Barnet, Hillington , Islington among others.