The world has changed in the past few months through the COVID-19 crisis. Normally, I would have travelled to exciting places, maybe you would have done these adventures as well?

I know the world is currently not ready for travelling, but luckily the digital world has made it completely possible to explore the world from my couch. That is why I share these tips with you!
Try them out to satisfy your wanderlust when you are at home. 

Make a bucket list

Dreaming about my future travel plans always makes me excited. Where in the world do you want to go? Which places do you really want to explore? Why would you like to go there?

This amazing world has so much to offer! Now you finally have time to write down these travel goals and dreams. Grab a cup of tea, sit on the couch and think about where you would like to go.
Are you dreaming about visiting every island in the Caribbean, going on a safari in South Africa or going to the White Sundays in Australia? Are you dreaming of long trips that will take years or will it be a smaller trip to satisfy your travel cravings? Dream big!

Remember that it is your list and match it with your travel desires. Enjoy! 

Learn a new language

I have always wanted to learn another language in order to immerse myself in the culture of another country. Nowadays, in this digital world,  there are plenty of ways to learn a language that you have always been interested in. Apps that could help you for example are:

  • DuoLingo
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts in your target language
  • Audio books
  • New websites
  • Blogs 

To be honest.. there are endless options. Search a bit on the internet, and you will find your way out!

For me it always helps to set targets, this could help you too! I have always wanted to learn Spanish, my goal is to speak it fluently at the age of 25. So I try to teach myself this smooth language with DuoLingo. It actually helps, Amigo! Which language do you want to learn? What is your goal?

Let me know! 

Watch International movies and shows

We all know that Netflix & Chill is the optimal way to relax on the couch after a day of working. Honestly, I love to watch these bad romantic movies, such as the Notebook, with a bag of chips and a coke. The COVID-19 times have surprised me with the fact that there is more than that. No matter what international culture you are fascinated by, Netflix has got some movies you’ll love. Here are some International movies that I would recommend:

  • Intouchables (France)
  • Y.TU Mama Tambien (Mexico)
  • Parasite (Korean)
  • The Rain (Denmark)
  • The Valhalla Murders (Iceland)


Create a Blog or YouTube Channel and share your travel tips and stories

I am used to taking a lot of photos and videos when I am traveling. I love to share these with my family and friends, just to keep them updated of all my adventures. Why don’t you share them with the rest of the world? Especially now, when you’re stuck at home. Take your time to look back at some favourite travel memories & photos, and put them into words through a blog or YouTube channel. Give others the amazing feeling that you’ve had during your travels! Enjoy!

Start planning future adventures 

Imagine a world where you are free to go anywhere...  where there are no travel restrictions and no Coronavirus... Where would you love to go?  What would you like to discover? With whom would you travel? Ask yourself these questions and write them down. Take a look at Pinterest, Google Street View, or Polarsteps, and immerse yourself into different, adventurous and hidden places. I would personally love to go to Australia. Exploring the rough landscapes, surfing at the east coast and strolling through Sydney sounds amazing to me! How about you? 

Escape in a good book

When you can’t escape into another place, why wouldn’t you escape in a good book? It has been a while that I have been lost in a good book. I was always busy with doing something else. Come on, relax! Make a cup of tea and open up these lovely and exciting bundles and escape mentally into another world. 

Some of my recommendations are: 

  • Travel with a donkey in the Cevennes (Robert Louis Stevenson)
  • Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts)
  • World Walk (Steven Newman)
  • On the road (Jack Kerouac)
  • The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
  • In a sunburned Country (Bill Bryson)


Recreate your favourite dish you’ve had while travelling

I have been amazed about the food that I have eaten during my travels through South-East Asia. The mix of vegetables, herbs, oils, and fruits they use there gives the food an unbelievable taste sensation. Maybe you think these are worldwide dishes hard to recreate... but they are truly worth making yourself.
By giving your dining room another country’s atmosphere and by using your culinary skills to create your own version of your favourite foreign dish, you can have the feeling of being away. 

Some dishes you could make are:

  • Pad Thai (Thailand)
  • Acai bowl (Brazil)
  • Ceviche (Peru)
  • Tacos (Mexico)
  • Pavlova (Australia)
  • Rendang (Indonesia)
  • Naanbread (Malaysian)


How about now?

Don't forget that our short stay apartments are waiting to welcome you again. Moreover, we also have monthly rental apartments if you want to Enjoy a certain city for a longer time! Meet the locals, explore hidden places and relax a bit. Please first make sure that you check for any country or local restrictions with the corresponding embassies before booking,

I hope that you can satisfy your wanderlust for now with these tips. When the world is ready for traveling again, you will be tiptop prepared for a new adventure!