You are spending a lot more time at home these days. Whether you're subject to a government-mandated lockdown, shelter-in-place order, or voluntarily quarantining yourself, chances are you’re eating all your meals at home. Therefore it’s time to develop your cooking skills, decorate your dining area, and make meals a part of the day to look forward to.  With a little imagination and decoration, you’ll be surprised by how enjoyable in-home ‘restaurant’ dining can be. Here’s how to get started.

Select a theme

First, start by thinking about what type of food you want to enjoy and pick a complementing theme that matches. Maybe you want to bring a summer experience into your food and select a delicious summer pasta. Or, perhaps it's a Christmas experience you long for, which means table cloths in red and glitter style. It’s important to think about which restaurant theme you’d like to emulate, then go on and select your menu and décor.

Create a menu

Now that you’ve selected a theme be sure to create an authentic and complementing menu. Think about local restaurants with similar themes and try to replicate what they offer. It’s your home, so there’s no pressure in creating a fancy meal with ingredients or dishes you don’t know how to pronounce. Be creative!

Jazz up those plates

Creating a delicious meal is one thing, but using different skills to up your presentation game is a whole different sport. There are so many fun tricks that restaurants use to ensure their food is always aesthetically pleasing. You can do this as well!

Combine different plate sizes and shapes with different colours of plates and make it in this way more colourful. Or use only one plate and make small portions of food. Using colourful ingredients is always a good idea! Finally, embellish your plate with sauce, makes it look professional 😉

Set the scene

To get that restaurant setting, be sure to set up a little scenery that makes it feel like you are there. That means setting the table in a way that you usually wouldn’t bother for a regular home-cooked meal.  You can go as far as adding a fancy table cloth and linens if that’s the theme you are working with. 

Also try adding silverware rolled up in paper napkins (or lines) just like they do in restaurants. You can even use those fancy glasses hanging around in your cupboard. Finally, decorate your table with a beautiful centrepiece like a simple vase filled with flowers or a candle with fancy salt and pepper shakers. 

Create an ambiance 

Now you’ve set up your scene, you only have to make a few tweaks to create  that perfect atmosphere. Put some cool music on and some cosy lights. If you are going for a fine-dining environment, be sure that the room is dim enough to create a relaxing mood. Candles usually help!

Don’t forget to create a playlist that matches your theme, to be played during your meal. There's a solid playlist for every situation you can imagine on Spotify. 

Dress Up a Little

If you usually dress up when you go out to eat, then there is no reason to skip even if you are dining in your home. Go all out and enjoy your fancy and romantic evening. Dressing up is going the extra mile to enjoy the full experience!

You can create the at-home restaurant experience also in one of our apartments. For now, Enjoy your home restaurant with your loved ones!