We are excited to bring you positive news during the tough times we are going through worldwide. Although 2020 has not been an easy year for us so far, we like to swim against the stream and took this challenge to work on improving our concept, strategy and everything that revolves around it.

Today we are excited to announce one of the results of those efforts: the launch of our new and improved website!

Our goal with this new design is to create a user-friendly browsing experience and to show a better overview of our apartments and concept. You will find high-quality apartments in destinations such as Barcelona, Dubai, Rome, Rotterdam, London, Paris, Dubrovnik and many more.

What you will find…

Welcome page
Where are you going next? Fill in your destination and data, and you’ll find the most suitable apartment for your next trip.

Becoming an Enjoyer!
You’ll receive monthly news and will be able to book an apartment directly with us offering you the best deals available.

How are we different? Get to know how our 101 points quality check works, but also how we try to implement sustainable tourism in every step of our guests’ journey.

Our values?
We believe quality, sustainability and corporate giving are three key values that we proudly stand by and that define our identity. These are reflected throughout our website.

Giving back? We give back and help local communities. The good thing is that you can help too in very simple ways! You can find a chat button on the lower right corner of the homepage. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions, we will answer them as fast as possible!

Apartments. Quality and Reliability
Whenever you are searching for an apartment in Barcelona or Milan, you can find it on this page. Do you prefer a parking spot right at your apartment or perhaps a swimming pool? Would you like to stay for a longer time or a bit shorter? You only need to fill in your preferences, and we will find a perfect apartment for you!

Did you know that Enjoy Apartments, applies a screening to owners / apartments?
We have recently introduced our 101 portfolio quality-check. This quality check is aligned amongst all properties we display on our website. We stand for comfortable, stylish, -well-equipped and well-located apartments that we only would recommend to our best friends. You will for sure have a relaxed time in our apartments!

If you are always curious about the coolest places to visit and the best hotspots to have dinner when in a new city, then this info is for you! With our e-magazine, we aim to offer you all this information about our destinations. This makes it easier for you to prepare optimally for your new adventure and fully enjoy the city as a local!

Apply for listing your apartment
This page is specially designed for owners and landlords who would like to rent out their apartment through us and display it on our website. Do you have a beautiful apartment in one of our cities? Is it good enough to recommend to your best friends? We do not list just any apartments so please note that you will need to pass our 101-quality checkpoints test and become part of the Enjoy family!

So now you know. We have worked a bit more to be able to serve you a bit better! Enjoy the site, peepz!