The year 2020 is over and after all these cosy holidays, it’s time to focus on the new 2021. Despite the devastations and disappointments of 2020, the year has presented some excellent opportunities for growth and learning, and these takeaways shouldn’t be forgotten it’s now 2021.

As growing and learning are important these days, we’re bringing tips and advices to safeguard your expectations and prepare yourself for a better 2021. 

Set goals

Yes, continue to set goals! Perhaps avoid overly optimistic plans, like traveling through South-East Asia for a year, or going for a study trip abroad, but instead focus on the cosy things little closer to home. Reflect on your experiences last year and look at what you’ve learned. Ask yourself ‘What do you like and dislike about your life right now?’ ‘What would you like more in your life?’ Write your answers in a notebook, make a roadmap and a timeframe. Set achievable goals and work towards it!

Look at your loved ones

Especially in these times, friends & family are more than important. Happiness is best enhances when we are grateful for what we have and whom we can help around us. Therefore, be the best friend you can be. Things you can do together are for example going for a walk outside together. Grab a cup of coffee at a takeaway whereas you support locals indirectly. Moreover, watch the best movies many times with a large bowl of popcorn. Call someone you haven’t called for a long time and give each other updates about daily stuff. Or buy someone flowers in order to give a helping hand. For sure he or she will like that!

Educate yourself

You probably have more time left as you’re more at home. Therefore, take your change, and enrol in an education programme. There’s usually something for everyone. Investigate a foreign language, take an art class, or learn to play an instrument. Ukulele could be a cool option?

Did you know that some classes may even be free?  So where are you waiting for? Give yourself an upgrade and try something new!

Make a self-made calendar

Make yourself a calendar in which you can put all ‘save the dates’, celebration days, small holidays and many more. Be creative with colourful papers, add some nice stickers and memorable photo’s. Hereby some dates that shouldn’t be forgotten!

Thanksgiving days – 25th of November

Independence day- 4th of July

Christmas evening- 24th of December

Christmas – 25th & 26th of December

Search for a place whereas everyone can see all important days.  Most important, do not forget to add your own birthday on the calendar!