The city of Gaudí, FC Barcelona and the capital of Catalonia. In addition to the many sights, you can shop, eat, but also lie on the beach in this city! Barcelona has everything and is therefore perfect for a nice city trip.


1. Visit the Sagrada Familia

This Gaudí-designed basilica has been under construction since 1882. It’s starting to look more finished now. The delivery date is 2026 (this has already been postponed due to corona), but even now it is a beautiful building to view and visit. Take the metro to the Sagrada Familia stop and get off right next to the church. You can first go around the church to take it all in. You can also take a walk through Park Gaudí, which is next to the building and where you can also take good pictures of the Sagrada from a distance.


2. Visit Park Guell

To stay in Gaudí's atmosphere for a while: the park where he designed a lot is also worth a visit. It is a large park, part of which can only be visited with a ticket of about €10. Again, you can choose to visit this part with a guide at an additional cost. The rest of the park is free to visit. Do you enjoy Gaudí's art? It is definitely worth a visit. You can also go to the free section which is fine. But if you don't pay you can't get to the famous lizard or the other famous places


3. Admire Gaudí's houses scattered throughout the city

In addition to the well-known buildings mentioned above, Gaudí has ​​also left his mark on the city by designing some houses. By the way, you can see influences of Gaudí's art throughout the city, with many round shapes, round balconies and colored mosaics. There are three houses in the town that you can also admire from the inside: Casa Vicens, Batllo and Mila. You can also choose to only admire the houses from the outside. The ticket price for each house is around €15, but it is well worth it. However, just the outside is also a feast to look at.


4. Shop on Plaça Catalunya and Las Ramblas

This square is located in the middle of the city and is a major hub. Buses, metros, taxis stop there, you will find many restaurants and shops. Nice to take a tour and then go into one of the streets to go shopping! The most famous street bordering Plaça Catalunya is the Ramblas. This is a 1200 meter long street, where it is just fun to walk along and pop into one of the restaurants or shops. Be sure to take the time to eat real Spanish tapas. If you walk all the way down the Ramblas you will come to the coast and port of Barcelona.


5. Relax day at the beach

Barcelona is located on the coast and therefore has beaches and a nice harbor. it is very nice to visit this one! You will find cruise ships and other expensive boats. Along the beach you can find nice tents for a cold Sangria. You can also spend a day on the beach and dive into the sea. Various activities are offered on the sea, such as jet skiing, parasailing or a day trip with a boat.


6. Take the cable car to Montjuïc mountain & Park Montjuïc

Two gondolas go up to Montjuïcberg. This is a nice attraction where you can visit both the mountain and, among other things, the castle on the mountain and have a beautiful view of the city from the cabin. You have the Telefèric de Montjuïc, where you can buy a return ticket for €12.70. You can get there by normal bus. The other gondola Telefèric Aeri del Port departs from the port of Barcelona. So pay attention to which of the two you buy tickets for! The latter funicular has red cabins. The price for a return with this gondola is €16.50. In addition to the castle of Montjuïc, on the hill you will also find Park Montjuïc, one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona. You can enjoy a lovely walk or a bike tour. There are several places of interest in and around the park.


7. Visit Camp Nou

It is a large complex where not only football is played, you will find restaurants, a fan shop and a museum and you have other sports activities. For example, you can skate on an ice hockey rink. You can also do the Camp Nou experience, where you get a tour of the stadium and visit places you normally wouldn't.

For the real experience you can of course also choose to attend a match!


8. Take the Hop On Hop Off Bus

The above-mentioned sights are spread throughout the city. Now Barcelona basically has a great metro network with which you can visit everything, but you also can enjoy the Hop On Hop Off bus. The bus runs three routes through the city, you can sit up in the sun and listen to the audio guide that tells you everything about the city and various sights. If you want to visit something, just get out! It's a party to drive through the city with all the beautiful buildings!

During winter, the bus runs two routes. Because he is skipping the coastal route you may have to wait a little longer for the bus to arrive.


9. Unwind at Parc de la Ciutadella

A beautiful piece of Barcelona! An oasis of calm in the middle of the city. There is a lot of history in this park, such as old buildings and a monumental waterfall. A well-known building is the Arc de Triomf. Nice to look at and take a nice picture. Then take a tour through the park or take your bike! In addition to monumental buildings and tranquility, you will also find the Barcelona Zoo in this park, which is worth a visit.


10. Take the train to the coast or go on another excursion

Various excursions can be booked from Barcelona, ​​for example a day trip to the rock formation Montserrat. Furthermore, public transport in and around Barcelona is very well organized, so you can also take a day or longer trip yourself!


So if you go to Barcelona… these are the best things to visit, or one of the best things to do!