Responsabilidad social y donaciones corporativas

Porque cuidar es necesario.

We want to make an impact on communities.


At EnjoyApartments, we feel that responsible tourism is essential, so our goal is to create a positive impact on society, communities and the city through responsible travel. We have chosen to give back to society in a way where our guests feel part of the solution and we also involve the apartment owners / managers. Small donations can help. Small donations are the ones that start to make a difference.


What do we do?

  1. Involving property owners and managers, we donate 1% of all booking fees to local charities.
  2. We donate 1 per check-in to mothers and children at risk of social exclusion.


We plant a tree in forests around the world to help reforestation in the areas most in need.

Below you can see where and how we help: (Find below some of the charities we distribute 1% of commissions to)

  • Sant Joan de Deu, Child Hospital
  • Debra (butterfly skin)
  • Sheltersuit
  • Casal dels Infants
  • Hungarian Child Aid for Summer Camp


..y más...

Estás interesado en ayudar con nosotros? Haznos saber.

Incluso cuando no estes relacionado a nivel laboral ó cliente actual, siempre hay maneras de ayudar!