Candy, cute costumes and family fun; It’s Halloween! We’re still in the midst of a pandemic and so Halloween will look a bit different this year. Luckily, there are many alternative Halloween activities to choose from to bring on the fun Oct. 31. Will there be trick-or-treating, costumes, parties? Will people even feel comfortable being ‘scary’ during COVID-19? Only time will answer these questions. In the meantime, we’ve created a list of ideas for how to safely get your spook on in 2020.


Decorate your house to the max

Trick out your home with the creepiest-and cutest- Halloween decor this year. Prepare to become the ghostess with the mostess and treat your house to one, or more, of these DIY Halloween decorations this year. Let’s go!

  • Decorate your wall with spooky hanging paper Lanterns.. they look even scarier in the dark!
  • Transform old wine bottles into a spook-filled table decoration. Just spray paint the bottles in Halloween colours, and put a candle stick in each bottle. Light on the candle!
  • Hang up pumpkin balloons! Draw funny faces on orange balloons and string them for a fast and fun garland!


Virtual costume parties

Host a virtual Halloween costume contest on Zoom and invite family and friends. Create a playlist of spooky songs and turn it into a dance party. Show off your costumes and award prizes for the scariest or most original.

Hereby some cool costumes ideas.. psstt don’t tell others!

  • Dress up as a Zombie and scare everyone off
  • Become a witch and wave your magic wand
  • Transform into a dinosaur.. and show your family and friends who the strongest one is!


Spooky movies

Celebrate Halloween with a movie night. Lie down on the couch, grab a nice bag of chips and put on a child friendly Halloween movie with your kids. If you don’t know witch movie to choose, hereby some Halloween movies that won’t keep them up all night:

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin
  • Charlie Brown
  • Coco
  • The Addams Family
  • The Witches
  • Scoob!
  • The house with a clock in its walls
  • Mary and the Witch’s flower

Although Halloween might be a child party, there are more than enough scary movies to scare adults off.. 

  • Train to Busan
  • US
  • Insidious
  • The Witch
  • Hereditary 

Goodluck… & Enjoy!


Homemade Halloween recipes

When it comes to chowing down on October 31, everyone knows there’s nothing more essential to a great Halloween party than chocolate cobweb cupcakes, Halloween cookies and nutty toffee apples.

With these recipes you can easily transform your favourite party staples into ghosts, goblins, spiders and more. The key to a fun and festive Fright Night is with a platter full of which fingers, right? 

  • Want a little sweet treat before dinner? A creamy pumpkin roll is always a good idea
  • Use a ghost cookie cutter to transform a slice of mozzarella into a friendly ghost, and eat a delicious ghost pizza!
  • Dress up a basic block of brie with puff pastry, olives and tomatoes until a mummy takes shape.
  • Make a witchy guacamole dip!


Pumpkin carving at home

Pumpkin carving is a safe option to do at home. Show off your crafting skills and get your hands a little dirty. There are so many creative options to design your pumpkin.. From pumpkins that look like you’re eating to designs from your favourite movies. 

From goofy faces to glamorous witches, these pumpkin carving ideas will take your Halloween decoration game to another level. So, gather your gear, and settle in for a fall-filled day.

  • Make a flower power pumpkin by putting colourful flowers in the head of the pumpkin and use it to decorate your living room!
  • An open mouth pumpkin face.. are they shocked, surprised or terrified? You’ll decide!
  • A masked pumpkin.. paint eight artificial leaves black and let them dry, make a mask of it and stick it to the head of your pumpkin

Now you are perfectly ready for Halloween, we wish you, as Enjoy Apartments, a scary and lovely night! Enjoy!