It's the end of June. The summer holidays will start in a few weeks. Have you already booked a holiday? Love it! But then it can take a while before you actually go on holiday, so count down. After a long COVID-19 period (and still going), we are all ready for a carefree holiday. But also when the weather is still not so nice, it is a good idea to get in the holiday mood, to switch your mood in a positive one. To get you in the mood and speed up the countdown, we have written a blog for you!

And if you did not book your holiday yet, you will after this blog :) 

Mar Holiday Verano - Foto gratis en Pixabay


  • For all the people with white legs ;)

Dream away, you are lying on the beach in a warm country with a cocktail in your hand. The sunscreen is next to you and the sun is shining on your body. On your white legs for which you have to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. So white! To prevent this and to let your body get used to the sun a bit and to get a nice tan, it is wise to let your skin get used to the sun or to the sunbed before your holiday.

  • Time for research

The best way to get in the holiday mood is to do research to the place where you are going to stay. Go check the best shops in the city, recommended restaurants and the 'must see sights'. There are a lot of travel blogs on the internet, google your destination! I think the best way to get a good impression by a lot of photos is Pinterest. But also think of hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

  • Make a to do list

If you did some research, you will know what you like and what not. Make a to do list for your holiday. Just some spots, restaurants you like and things you want to do. But keep in mind that you don't plan the whole day, hour till hour. It is good to know what you want, but give yourself some space. And relax, that is what a holiday is for, right? 

  • Try the language

Just learn a few words and sentences of the destination you are going to stay. It will makes you feel comfortable and people will like you. If people see that you do your best, other people will also do their best for you! 

  • Ask other people what their experience is with traveling to this destination

Maybe there are people in your surroundings who have been there before. Ask them what their experience was and probably they will have some tips for you where to go and where not to go.