About Us

Maximize Your Rental Income with Enjoy Apartments​

How Things Started

Back in 2002, the two friends, Dankert and Ralph used to have weekly brainstorming sessions on possible business ideas with a group of friends. During one of those sessions, Dankert proposed to study short-stay rentals, which looked interesting. Everyone agreed on investigating this idea and started to look into possible opportunities.

In that period, they were having people staying over at their apartments almost all weeks. And so it happened that Ralph had some old fellows staying at his place. He mentioned them that he would leave the keys behind as he was not in town. When he returned from the trip, he recognized that they had tidied up the house, left the keys on the table and left some money for the stay. Even though he did not ask for it! But this certainly proved Dankert’s idea to be a real business opportunity.

During the next brainstorming session it was decided to go for it! Dankert and Ralph took the chance and became business partners.

Shortly after the company started as Enjoy Barcelona with about 14 properties. Over the years, Enjoy Barcelona converted into a short-stay and monthly apartment rental platform and management company called ‘’EnjoyApartments’’, and still go by this name.

We now operate in many top destinations and count with hundreds of properties worldwide!

Our Mission

“Feel at home, while abroad”

Supported and inspired by our local collaborations throughout the destinations,

EnjoyApartments offers a great stay anywhere to create a remarkable experience to all guests. Offering personally selected and inspected quality apartments where our guests feel part of the local population.

Real apartments in which our guests can enjoy living abroad for a while and feel at home everywhere.

EnjoyApartments encourages sustainable tourism by local growth. We aim for giving back to the local population, to the small neighborhood shops or local enterprises. They are the key to preserving the local traditions and charm of each destination and are crucial in withholding this new tourist ecosystem of the 21st century.

Our Vision

A recognized brand for quality stays and trusted property management services, committed to sustainable tourism and community enrichment. We strive to make travelers feel like locals and locals truly benefit from our presence, all built on the philosophy of offering only those accommodations we’d recommend to our closest friends.

What we do for you. Our Experience. Your Gain.

At Enjoy Apartments, we’re dedicated to helping property owners like you boost your rental income and take the hassle out of property management. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve refined our approach to consistently deliver results for our owners.

Owners and property managers choose EnjoyApartments because of our comprehensive and highly customizable solutions for the management of both tourist and mid-stay rentals. Our proven strategies can increase your rental income by more than 20% with our tailor-made system.

EnjoyApartments in Numbers

Generated 25 million euros in revenue for owners.

320.000 guest nights sold

Managing 75 apartments, 3 buildings and delivering property services for over 300 apartments in 11 destinations.

Our Values

Quality Apartments

EnjoyApartments always tries to commit to a standard of good quality, ensuring that we provide the best possible experience for your guests as also to owners.

Sustainable Tourism

We are driven by responsible business practices that benefit not just the company, but also the environment and society.

Making Travelers feel like locals

At EnjoyApartments we are all about authenticity and immersion, ensuring that guests have a unique and enriching experience.

Respect and Benefits for the Local Community

We’re not just in it for profit; we aim to be a positive force in the communities where we operate.

A Philosophy of Only Offering Accommodations We’d Recommend to our Best Friend

The cornerstone of our concept and forming direct part of our companies’vision in which EnjoyApartments is about trust and integrity, and stands by the quality of our offerings.

Core Team




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Our Brands

EnjoyApartments forms part of Enjoy Holidays SL group. We are focussed on hospitality, tourism and real estate. We are active in several sectors. Here there are some of our sister brands.