Social Responsability & Corporate Giving

Because it is important to care

We want to make an impact on communities.

At EnjoyApartments, we feel that responsible tourism is essential, so our goal is to create a positive impact on society, communities and the city through responsible travel. We have chosen to give back to society in a way where our guests feel part of the solution and we also involve the apartment owners / managers. Small donations can help. Small donations are the ones that start to make a difference.What do we do?Involving property owners and managers, we donate 1% of all booking fees to local charities. We donate 1 per check-in to mothers and children at risk of social exclusion.We plant a tree in forests around the world to help reforestation in the areas most in need.Below you can see where and how we help: (Find below some of the charities we distribute 1% of commissions to)

Past and current charities

Throughout the year, EnjoyApartments actively participates in charity. It forms part of our identity, it goes with our DNA. EnjoyApartments donates 1% of earnings to charity. Here there are a few initiatives we collaborate(d) with.

  • Sant Joan de Deu, Child Hospital
  • Debra (butterfly skin)
  • Sheltersuit
  • Casal dels Infants
  • Hungarian Child Aid for Summer Camp
  • Vall d’Hebron Hospital