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We are a curated apartment listing platform and property management company that offers apartments in european destinations and overseas.

We especially offer short stay apartments, but we also successfully rent out monthly rental apartments and long stay accommodations.

We have local experts everywhere to offer the best service to our customers. Enjoy Holidays S.L. rents out accommodations since more than 15 years. The most important keys to our success are the local experts, our specialists group, service and the warranty of the lowest prices. Enjoy Apartments is a major site in a new market. In its first year Enjoy achieved a healthy occupancy rate of over 60%. Nowadays that number is close to 75%, a significant increase in an ever-growing industry like the apartment rental.

The market and the EnjoyApartments model.

Why you should join our network? The vacation rental market is an 85 billion US$ market in the US and Europe. Renting an apartment has many advantages for travelers, not only price but also feeling more integrated in the visiting country, privacy, space etc. Many businesses opt for monthly rental apartments when allocating their employees abroad for a period of time. All this gives excellent opportunities. Employing a unique franchising concept, Enjoy Apartments have become specialists in offering the best accommodations for days, weeks and months to individual or business travelers and groups.

Franchising. Your opportunities.

Our key to success Enjoy Apartments offer short-term rentals worldwide from 3 days to several months.
We currently have presence in top destinations such as Barcelona and Buenos Aires or holiday destinations like Marbella and Ibiza. Our key is a local approach and expertise.

Enjoy Apartments offers a quality accommodation suitable for individual, business and group travelers. Our local experts, the franchisees, enable us to offer the best hand-picked accommodations and services to our customers. Enjoy Apartments offers extra services and our lowest price guarantee. Enjoy Apartments aims to create a worldwide network of franchisees /local specialists, following a global concept on a local basis.

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