Sustainable Tourism

Environmental Practices & Sustainability

What do we do at EnjoyApartments?

We actively implement changes throughout our organisation to enhance or reduce our use of natural resources and to be more conscious about the surrounding both socially and environmental. We cover all levels, from office usage to apartment sustainability including best practices for our staff, guests and providers.

Guests & Apartments.

We provide our guests with a small (e)guide with different options on how to be a responsible tourist. Core guidelines include how to consume responsibly, waste separation and move around eco friendly, but also about respectful behaviour with locals/neigbors and to shop locally at smaller neighbourhood shops, giving back to the neighbourhoods. 

Staff & Office.

At the office, we also separate our trash, we try to reduce our use of energy and print only when necessary. 

Suppliers & Partners.

Wherever we can, we also work with suppliers and partners who are local and sustainable. We believe those small steps will bring us closer to being a responsible company and maybe an example for others.

Biosphere Commitment & Barcelona + Sostenible.

We are committed to the Biosphere and actively are participating and improving.

Own Initiatives.

At EnjoyApartments we have created The Green Project ♣. That implies that we plant one tree for each review we are getting. We have forest dreams! Let’s do this together.